When his handler, Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell) is killed while on duty in Afghanistan, military working dog Max is traumatized and retired. He’s adopted by Kyle’s par-ents (Lauren Graham, Thomas Haden Church) and slowly, Kyle’s little brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) comes to care for troubled dog. At first, Max wants nothing to do with Justin or anything else, but Justin perse-veres with a little help from his friends and tries to help Max overcome his post-traumatic stress disorder. As they start to trust each other, it turns out Max may have witnessed what really happened to his brother that day on the front, and Justin is determined to solve the mystery, even if it puts him in danger.

Action/Adventure 1 hour 55 mins

Parental Guidance
Parental Guidance (PG)
A film is to be classified as Parental Guidance where the themes or content of the film may not be suitable for all children, although there is no age restriction.

It’s official: A “Jurassic World” sequel is coming, and it’s due out in 2018.

The as-yet-unnamed follow-up to the massive, record-breaking global hit is set for release on June 22, 2018. And yes, its stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be back, too.

What’s unclear at this point is who will helm the hotly-anticipated sequel. “World” director Colin Trevorrow has already taken himself out of the running for the job, though he’s co-writing the screenplay for the new flick with Derek Connolly.

Stephen Spielberg will be back as a producer for “Jurassic World 2,” as will his Amblin partner Frank Marshall. Maybe Spielberg will return to the director’s chair for the franchise that he launched way back in 1993? (He was rumored to be doing so for “World,” though of course, that didn’t pan out.)

“Jurassic World,” meanwhile, continues its box office dominance, officially climbing to third place (sorry, “The Avengers“) on the all-time top-grossing international chart with a whopping $1.52 billion haul. And that doesn’t even include Japan, where it’s finally set to premiere on August 5. We have a feeling its record-breaking streak will continue.

[via: Variety]

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A Brief History of the Astonishing Ant-Man

LOS ANGELES (AP) – “Ant-Man” has claimed first place at the box office for the second weekend in a row, narrowly besting new opener “Pixels.” The Marvel and Disney superhero pic brought in $24.8 million over the weekend, bringing its domestic total to $106.1 million according to Rentrak estimates Sunday.

The Adam Sandler end of the world comedy “Pixels” earned an estimated $24 million in its debut weekend. It’s a fairly weak start for the PG-13 rated film, which cost $88 million to produce.

Meanwhile, the R-rated boxing drama “Southpaw” surpassed expectations, earning $16.5 million out of the gates and beating out the YA adaptation “Paper Towns,” which earned about $12.5 million – a far cry from the $48 million debut of “The Fault in Our Stars” last year.

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The year is 2029. John Connor (Jason Clarke), leader of the resistance, continues the war against the machines. At the Los Angeles offensive, John’s fears of the un-known future begin to emerge when TECOM spies reveal a new plot by SkyNet that will attack him from both fronts—past and future—and will ultimately change war-fare forever.

Action/Adventure 2 hours

Parental Guidance
Parental Guidance (PG)
A film is to be classified as Parental Guidance where the themes or content of the film may not be suitable for all children, although there is no age restriction.

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As movie releases go, 2015 is kind of a big deal.

From “Avengers: Age of Ultron” to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” this year is packed with sequels, blockbusters, and potential awards bait — all vying for our hard-earned allowance money and, more importantly, our coveted thumbs up. Audiences have seen everything from gritty sci-fi (“Fury Road“) to inventive animated fare (“Inside Out“) — and there’s even more movies on the way that are eager to get into our eyeballs.

We’re just a little past the halfway point, so Moviefone’s editors have put together a list of 2015’s best films so far. Did your favorite make the cut?

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weekend box office ant-manJAKE COYLE, AP Film Writer

NEW YORK (AP) – Marvel’s “Ant-Man” punched above its weight at the weekend box office, debuting with an estimated $58 million, while Amy Schumer‘s “Trainwreck” also opened strongly with $30.2 million.

The result didn’t match some of Marvel’s better known, brawnier properties. But “Ant-Man” — a relatively inexpensive superhero movie with a $130 million budget — still dominated North American multiplexes.

The tiny hero, played by Paul Rudd, edged out the little yellow guys of Universal’s “Minions” for the top spot. In its second week of release, “Minions” took in $50.2 million.

Schumer’s big-screen debut “Trainwreck,” which the comedian also wrote, earned an estimated $30.2 million. That makes it one of the biggest comedy successes this summer and the second best opening ever for director Judd Apatow.

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