When mysterious spaceships land in various locations around the world, the military hires an elite team consisting of linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams), Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) and Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) to investigate.
As mankind is on the verge of a global war, Louise must learn the language of the aliens to allow communication, and the team must determine whether these alien crafts simply come in peace or are a threat to humanity.
Based on a 1998 short story by Ted Chiang called Story of Your Life.
**Canadian Connection
Filmed in Montreal, Que.
SciFi/Fantasy Rated: PG 1 HR 55 MIN

In 1996, Brit David Irving (Timothy Spall) sued American historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz), as well as Penguin Books, which published her book Denying the Holocaust, because she criticized some of his anti Semitic writings and public statements, in which he claimed to be able to prove there had been no gas chambers at Auschwitz.
With the suit having been filed in Britain, Lipstadt worries because English libel law puts the burden of proof on the defendant rather than the plaintiff, so if she is not able to prove the veracity of the existence of gas chambers for the purpose of killing Jews and other
prisoners at Auschwitz, it will become widely acceptable for hate mongers to claim the Holocaust didn’t happen.
Drama Rated: PG 1 HR 50 MINS