The summer movie season is always jam-packed with huge films, but this summer is so chock full of potential blockbusters that it feels less like a box office race and more like a gladiatorial free-for-all.

Seriously, the amount of big movies that will be invading theaters during the summer months is ridiculous. Every weekend, audiences will have to decide between superhero sequels, futuristic sci-fi fables, spooky horror tales, and everything in between. (Full disclosure: there are a few movies about actual human beings dealing with relatable, everyday problems.) At the end of the season, someone will be in charge of collecting the severed body parts and mopping up all the spilled blood.

So, with a daunting few months ahead of us, we tried to rundown the biggest of the big movies, compiling a handy list of this summer’s surest bets, biggest question marks, and potential pratfalls. With so many huge movies, predicting which will sink and which will swim becomes an even more impossible task.

But what are you looking forward to? Let us know.summer movie preview 2015

from The Moviefone Blog


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